Snooker Champion of Champions

Altri due incontri importanti e spettacolari in programma per le 14 di oggi pomeriggio:

1) Robertson – Gould:

Interesting game here in Champion of Champions.
Robertson is one of the best players in the World and he’s very focused and a super played in offensive side. He’s in good shape with 6-2 in last 8 games with won against Davies, Un-nooh, Patrick, Fu, O’Sullivan and Muflin and losses against Ebdon (6-5) and Allen (4-2) so two strong opponents.
Gould instead is a player that i like so much because he’s brave and not have scare to miss the shot but this is also a limit for him. In this year he not has played so good and also in last period he’s in bad run with 2-5. He won just against Patrick and Selt. Than he lost against Holt, Davies, Bingham, Dott and Pengfei. Last three losses are in a row.
So for me the difference of quality and the shape is clear and in favour of Neil Robertson (@1,35 or Gould +2 @1,90) and i want take him to win.
2) Allen – Carter:
Really interesting game here in Champion of Champions.
Allen is one of the best players in the world and he’s 10-1 in last 11 games and he won 10 matches in a row and loss the last one against Perry for 4-1. In his streak he defeated a lot of strong players like Murphy, Trump, Dott, Robertson, Wilson (hot in that period) and Delu. He\’s motivated for make a good job here and won another title.
Carter too is a strong opponent and he’s 5-2 in last 7 games after a bad period where he loss 5 matches on 6 played. In last period he won against Brecel, Slessor, Harold, White and Delu and lost against Baird and Ding Junhui (4-2).
So i think that Mark Allen (@1,55) is the favourite and i want pick him to win.