Free Pick Serie A: Palermo – Pescara

Palermo is in fight with other 3 teams for avoid the relegation and for them the last turn was a big one with a huge win over Genoa, in away, for 3-4 with an incredible comeback by 3-2 in last minutes of game.
Now they have 9 points at are at -5 by Empoli (safe zone) who already played (and lost) against Atalanta for 2-1.
Corini changed something in the way to play after the fire of De Zerbi and for tonight he’ll not have relevant absences and the only doubt will be between Gazzi and Diamanti.
With Gazzi as holder, Bruno Henrique will play in offense with Nestorovski and Quaison, instead with Diamanti as holder, Bruno Henrique will play in midfield with Jajalo.
At home Palermo is really awful with 0-0-8 and just 3 goals scored but tonight is their big game for take a little step into the salvation. A key game for them.

A key game also for Pescara but, imho, they are the team in bigger trouble than any other.
If we exclude 3 points give to them by a decision of Serie A against Sassuolo (in a match losed for 2-1) they could be at 5 points. Anyway they obtained just 1 point in last 5 games against Cagliari (at home for 1-1).
In away they are really bad with 1-1-6 and with 5L streak.
For tonight Oddo can’t count on Manaj, Mitrita, Baebehck and Pepe, but also the good midf. Verre is out (DQ).
He’ll start again without a real striker and with some offensive players like Benali, Pettinari and Caprari.

A key game for both side but imho Palermo is the better side here and can use also the field advantage.

Palermo +0 @1.62