Free Pick Serie B: Cittadella – Pisa

Cittadella started the season in a really great way with a lot of wins and great results but they are a new promoted team and now it’s arrived the time of the season when they pay a little bit that thing.
Actually they are still in the playoff zone but are in a bad moment with 3 lose in a row and 4 lose in last 5 games.
They lose 3 in a row against Carpi (2-0 in away), Spal (1-2 at home) and Cesena (3-0 in away).
The home record is still good with 5-0-4 and with 3-0-2 in last 5 games.
They will have out Chiaretti and Kouame in offense so it’s probable a start for Arrighini. The other only doubt is between Lori and Strizzolo with the first favourite.

Pisa played well in last period and is undefeated in last 3 games with a win and 2 consectuive draws against Pro Vercelli and Bari (both for 0-0).
But in this week, after the great news of last time for the change of the society, the situation is agin very bad because the transaction blow up and now the team is still with no future and no money.
The commune said that they will do anything to make possible the end of the season for Pisa but as i said the situation is not good.
Gattuso and his guys played all the season with that situation and i think that they will continue to do that.
In offense it’s possibile Gatto and Varela with Eusepi and not Cani.
Lazzari, Crescenzi, Mudingayi e Tabanelli are all still out.

I want to take my shot on under but i think that also a draw could be a probable result.

Under 2,5 @1,62  (1-0)