Free Pick Champions League: Barcellona – PSG

I watched first leg and as normal, i was shocked to see a complete domination by PSG.
PSG was much more better in terms of quality, shape and occasions but it was more or less a month ago and i think that a bad night can happen to any team.

Barcelona is called to a miracle but imho they are in better shape that 3 weeks ago and also the last results in la Liga showed that they are better (4 wins, including a crucial one, in away, on Atletico Madrid field for 1-2; 15 goals scored and 4 allowed in 4 games). Luis Enrique (for me not a big surprise) said that he’ll not be the trainer of Barcelona next year but, imho, this will not be a problem for this team right now.
For tonight there are some doubts in terms of the module. Luis Enrique played always with 4-3-3 but in last period he’s trying also a strange 3-4-3 who could be used tonight because they have to start in an aggressive way if they want be able to produce a little hope.

PSG, as i said, played a really amazing game in the frist leg and now is also at -3 by the top position in L1.
For tonight they can start with a really big advantage but at Camp Nou, imho, everything can happens.
Motta is in big doubt and probably will not play. Di Maria is in the same situation of Motta and also Rabiot but in this trio, the last one, is the most likely to play. The striker will be Cavani for sure.

For me Barcelona will win this one.

Barcelona ML @1.60  (6-1)