Free Pick Serie A: Pescara – Milan

Pescara is fighting against relegation but imho the situation is more or less close.
They are last in table with 12 points, so at -10 by Empoli (safety zone) but also after the arrive of Zeman on the bench the situation isn’t changed. In fact after a good win in the first game, they obtained 0 points in last 4 games (Atalanta, Udinese, Chievo and Sampdoria). For this game they will have out Gilardino and Stendardo, so in offense is confirmed Cerri and in defense should start as central defender Campagnaro. In the midfield it’s possible a chance by first minute for the former Milan player Muntari.

Milan is still in run (with Inter and Atalanta) for a place in europe zone and this is a crucial game for them.
They are in a good run with 4 wins in last 5 games and a loss against Juventus, in away, arrived with a doubtful penalty at 94′.
Bacca is in doubt and should start former Pescara striker Lapadula. In the midfield should start again Sosa and Mati Fernandez with Kucka.

For me Pescara could be the perfect fit for this Milan team who loves to play faster with some players like Deulofeu or Bacca and with the type of game that Zeman plays this could be a problem for the home side.

Milan -1 @1.91

Free Pick Serie A: Atalanta – Pescara

Atalanta is still in the run for take a place in next EL and now they have 3 points from Inter who already played in this turn (2-2 against Torino yesterday). They will have a big opportunity here, at home, against the worst team in league.
Atalanta slowed a little in last two games with 1 draw against Fiorentina at home (0-0) and a huge defeat against Inter in away for 7-1 but i think that, especially on their field, they are ready to back on track because the quality in all on their side.
For today they will have some important absences like Conti (replaced by Zukanovic with Spinazzola moved on the right side), Kessiè (replaced by Grassi) and Kurtic (replaced by Mounier) but, imho, the starting XI is still a strong lineup.
At home they are also pretty solid with an overall record of 9-1-3 and with 4-1-0 in last 5 games.

Pescara also with the change of trainer (now Zeman on the bench) is still in big danger and it appears really likeble that they will play in Serie B next year. They are last in table with 12 points, so with -10 by safety zone.
They lose 3 games in a row and for today Bruno will be out and also Caprari (the top scorer) is in big doubt.
In away they are 1-2-11 and especially 0-0-5 in last 5.

For me Atalanta has a huge opportunity here for recover the gap on Inter and for remain in the run for a place in the next EL.

Atalanta AH -1,25 @1.59 (3-0)

Free Pick Serie A: Fiorentina – Cagliari

Fiorentina is in trouble this year and also the ambiental situation is not very good.
Paulo Sousa is likely to go away at the end of this season and the last position valid for an EL place is now very far (9 points).
For today Sousa can count on Kalinic who will start with Bernardeschi and Saponara but also with Tello and Chiesa on both sides, so an offensive lineup at all.
At home they are 6-7-0 and for me today they can take the 3 points.

Cagliari is another team, more or less, in a safety zone.
For all this year they had a lot of trouble in defense, especially when they play against top teams with more quality of them. In fact they allowed 5 goals to Fiorentina, Inter, Torino and Napoli and against Fiorentina, at home, they lose 1-5.
In fact for today Rastelli should start with a 4-4-1-1 with Di Gennaro in the back of Borriello and with Barella and Padoin on both sides in the midfield.

For me the difference of quality is on Fiorentina side and i take my shot on them.

Fiorentina -1 AH @1.72 (1-0)

Free Pick Serie A: Chievo – Empoli

Chievo is in the middle of the standings and it’s in a safe spot because they have a big margin on the trio who actually is in dangerous zone.
They won 2 of last 4 matches and especially against Pescara at home and Sassuolo in away. Instead they lose at home against Napoli and in away against Milan.
At home they are 5-4-5. In offense will be out Meggiorini but in midfield is back Hetemaj.

Empoli is the only team in fight with the trio of teams in relegation zone. They have 7 points on Palermo and 8 on Crotone but they are not in great situation with 1 point in last 5 games and especially with 4L streak against Inter, Lazio, Juventus and Genoa (of course three games was really tough for them).
The only absence will be Josè Mauri.

For me Chievo will not lose this one at home.

Chievo +0 @1.47  (4-0)
Draw @3.50  (4-0)

Free Pick Champions League: Barcellona – PSG

I watched first leg and as normal, i was shocked to see a complete domination by PSG.
PSG was much more better in terms of quality, shape and occasions but it was more or less a month ago and i think that a bad night can happen to any team.

Barcelona is called to a miracle but imho they are in better shape that 3 weeks ago and also the last results in la Liga showed that they are better (4 wins, including a crucial one, in away, on Atletico Madrid field for 1-2; 15 goals scored and 4 allowed in 4 games). Luis Enrique (for me not a big surprise) said that he’ll not be the trainer of Barcelona next year but, imho, this will not be a problem for this team right now.
For tonight there are some doubts in terms of the module. Luis Enrique played always with 4-3-3 but in last period he’s trying also a strange 3-4-3 who could be used tonight because they have to start in an aggressive way if they want be able to produce a little hope.

PSG, as i said, played a really amazing game in the frist leg and now is also at -3 by the top position in L1.
For tonight they can start with a really big advantage but at Camp Nou, imho, everything can happens.
Motta is in big doubt and probably will not play. Di Maria is in the same situation of Motta and also Rabiot but in this trio, the last one, is the most likely to play. The striker will be Cavani for sure.

For me Barcelona will win this one.

Barcelona ML @1.60  (6-1)

Free Pick Serie A: Udinese – Juventus

Udinese isn’t in a great period in last games and in fact they obtained just 1 point in last 4 games with 3L in a row against Fiorentina (3-0 in away), Sassuolo (1-2 at home) and Lazio (1-0 in away).
At home they are also not in great shape with 3L in last 4 games for an overall record of 5-2-6.
For today Del Neri will have Thereau (but he’s not at 100%) and for the rest the lineup will be the same of last period.

Juventus, after the win in Italian Cup over Napoli (with two clear mistakes of the ref), is ready for today’s match and after the win of Napoli, yesterday, against Roma, will have a key matchpoint today for take a lead in double digit (10 points) over 2nd place.
For today Allegri will play with the classic lineup (4-2-3-1) of last period, with Dani Alves instead of Lichtsteiner on the right side and with the usual 4 offensive players (Dybala, Cuadrado, Mandzukic and Higuain) plus Pjanic in the midfield.

For me Juvnetus will win this one for the better quality and because it’s hard for them to miss a matchpoint like this one.

Juventus ML @1.51  (1-1)

Free Pick Serie B: Spal – Pisa

Spal is playing an amazing season and in fact they are 2nd in table with 51 points and with 3 wins and 1 draw in last 4 games.
This is amazing for a new promoted team and for a team who started the season just focused to avoid the relegation.
At home they are very strong with an overall record of 9-3-1 and also with 4 wins and 1 draw in last 5 games with wins over Perugia, Benevento and Spezia.
For today the usual 3-5-2 is sure and the only doubt in the lineup will be in midfield between Castagnetti and Arini, with the first in little advantage. In offense, again, the duo Floccari-Antenucci.

Pisa after a lot of trouble with the society (as i wrote many times) now is more quiet.
They won a great game in away against Ascoli (2-4) and than they obtained a good draw against Carpi at home (0-0).
In away they are the team who drawed more in the league (8 times) and also the best defense (12 goals).
For today Di Tacchio will be back after the DQ, Lisuzzo and Landre are both out like Avogradi.

Both teams played in the midweek so today they could be a little bit tired because the lineup will be more or less the usual.
I think Pisa will play in the classic way with a lot of defense.

Under 2,5 @1.52  (1-1)

Free Pick Serie A: Juventus – Chievo

Juventus is the best team in league and arrive to this match after a good win, in away, against Porto for 0-2 after a match dominated with the help of Telles who was send off for two crazy fouls in 2 minutes.
For today Allegri will rest some players because next midweek they will play against Napoli (at home) in the semifinal of Italian Cup. In fact tonight he’ll rest Buffon, Barzagli, Chiellini, Lichtsteiner, Khedira and Dybala.
But, anyway, the lineup is really strong with Neto, Benatia, Bonucci, Dani Alves, Sturaro and Marchisio for the players i mentioned before.
At home Juventus is really strong with 34 goals scored, just 7 allowed in 13 games and 13 wins.

Empoli is playing against relegation but the last 3 teams have a really slow trend.
For today Martusciello has 4 players not in perfect shape (Croce, Laurini, El Kaddouri and Mchelidze) but more or less should be all available.
Empoli obtained 1 draw and 3L in last 4 games and in away they are 1-4-7 with 6 goals scored in 12 games and 2 points in last 5 games.

I think Juventus can win this one with 2 goals margin.

Juventus -2 @1.80 (2-0)