Serie A + Serie B

Interesting game here in Serie A.

Sassuolo and Verona are both interesting teams that will fight for avoid the relegation. Sassuolo come here after good results in last games and for today mister Di Francesco could change the striker. In fact Zaza arrive here after a bad period for him, without a goal scored, and it’s possible to start to the bench because will play good striker Floccari by first minute.

Verona is a team who rotate a lot on Luca Toni and for me they can create problems to Sassuolo especially in that position because Acerbi and Cannavaro are good but not so strong, especially Cannavaro, in high-play.

For me this match could be Under 2,5.


Interesting game here in Serie A.

Chievo is a team who have to fight for avoid the relegation but after the arrive of Maran to the bench the results was better and also really important was the return of Sergio Pellissier as striker (with 3 goals in last 2 games).

Lazio is a solid team that arrive here after the bad home loss against Juventus (0-3) but imho they are still good (because it’s Juventus to be much more stronger) and tonight they can play for take 3 points here.

So Lazio DNB is the bet here.


Interesting game here in Serie B.

Entella and Avellino are both teams that play a lot in defense and use counterattacks as a weapon. Entella need to take points for avoid the relegation, instead Avellino need points to stay on top and at least in playoff zone.

Avellino is really solid in defense when play in away and also today imho they can take at least a point here and i espect a result like 0-0 or 0-1.

Serie B + Lega Pro

Interesting game here in Serie B.

For this match, imho, isn’t important to talk about numbers and positions because the situation is pretty clear.

Carpi is the best team, at the moment, in Serie B and in fact they are in top position and arrive here after a lot of positive results, last one, at home, a big win for 5-2.

Brescia instead is a team who play for a quiet salvation, they aren’t a bad team and can count on good players like Caracciolo, Sodinha, Zambelli and others but not even, imho, a team who can create big problems to Carpi.

So for me this away DC is good for a try.


Interesting game here in Lega Pro Group A.

Pavia is one of the best team in league and arrive here after 10 points in last 5 games. At home they are really solid with a record of 5-1-0 and with 16 goals scored and only 6 allowed.

Cremonese instead is a team who play actually for avoid the relegation. They obtained 5 points in last 5 games and in away they are bad with a record of 1-2-2 and with 3 goals scored and 4 allowed.

So for me Pavia can win this one but also a DNB home is good enough.


Interesting game here in Lega Pro Group C.

Aversa is a team in really big trouble, they are last in table with only 6 points and with a total record of 0-6-7. In last 5 games they obtained only 2 points and at home they are really bad with just 2 points in 6 total games and also just a point in last 5 games.

Juve Stabia instead is a strong team that actually is third in table with 11 points in last 5 games and in away also they are really strong with 13 points in last 5 games and with a run of 3 wins in a row.

For me Juve Stabia to win is a good bet.

Serie B + Serie A

Match interessante tra Cittadella e Latina.

La squadra di casa si trova al diciassettesimo posto ed è reduce da 4 pareggi ed 1 sconfitta nelle ultime 5 partite. In casa il rendimento non è eccelso con soli 4 punti nelle ultime 5 e ben 3 sconfitte consecutive nelle ultime 4 gare.

Di contro il Latina non vive di certo una situazione tanto migliore. Ultimi in classifica con 2 punti nelle ultime 5 gare ed un record di 0-4-2 in tutte le uscite esterne fin qui disputate.

A mio avviso gara da Under.


Altro match interessante quello tra Modena ed Avellino.

Il Modena, come detto più volte, ha perso alcuni elementi importanti rispetto allo scorso anno e per me potrà solo puntare a salvarsi con tranquillità. Attualmente sono al centro della classifica con 15 punti, 5 dei quali ottenuti nelle ultime 5 partite. In casa vanno molto meglio che in trasferta con un record di 2-4-0. Bomber è sicuramente Granoche, molto importante per questa categoria.

L’Avellino, come lo scorso anno, continua a stare nei piani alti della cadetteria con ben 20 punti (-4 dalla prima in classifica) ed ha ottenuto 8 punti nelle ultime 5 partite. In trasferta il record non è dei migliori con 1-3-2 ma sono una squadra solida che subisce e concede poco.

Per me altro match da Under.


Anticipo serale in Serie A.

La sorprendente Sampdoria di Mihajlovic si trova al terzo posto con 19 punti ed un cammino da “grande” con ben 8 punti nelle ultime 5 partite. In casa la squadra blucerchiata si comporta benissimo un record di 4-1-0 e con 8 gol fatti e solo 2 subiti.

Il Milan, invece, dopo un buon inizio ha cominciato a rallentare. Solo 2 punti nelle ultime 3 gare e tanti problemi anche in attacco, oltre alle solite lacune difensive. In più, per oggi, ci saranno assenze importanti specialmente in difesa (Abate ed Alex).

Per me la Sampdoria farà una partita intelligente e giocherà di rimessa, quindi 1X.

Serie A + Serie B

Interesting game here in Serie B.
As i wrote in last days Latina isn’t the same team of last year, they are worst and in fact the bad roster not have played well right now and in fact they are in total battle for avoid the relegation but the mission is really hard. They are a team who play a lot in defense but not have super counterattacks.
Frosinone is a new promoted team but have more or less the same squad of last year and the same mister. They are really really strong when they play at home at Stadio Matuza, but in away they have some problems but the record is however good with 2-1-2.
For me this match will be balanced but i suppose that could be possible a draw with lower score. So Under 2,5.
Interesting game here in Serie A.
Chievo is a team really in trouble they have changed mister (Corini fired and on the bench now there is Maran, former Catania) but the situation is still bad with 4 losses in a row and a lot of problems especially to score.
Sassuolo instead after a bad start of season is back on the track and won in away against Parma (1-3) and also at home against Empoli (3-1), all after the big draw for 1-1 against Juventus. So they are in form and focused on their target.
For me Sassuolo is better team here and they have my support. So X2 or 2 DNB.
Interesting game here in Serie A.
Sampdoria is a great team in this start of season, they are super focused and motivated and they played a lot of great matches, especially at home where, for example, they stopped Roma (0-0) and won all other matches.
Fiorentina is a good team too but always in trouble with all their best strikers out (Rossi and Gomez) so in offense will play against Babacar with Cuadrado. In away Fiorentina not is super bad with 1-2-1 but still not have a great run.
So i think it’s possible a tight game and few score. Under 2,5 or Under 3,5.

Serie B

Interesting game here in Serie B.
Perugia is a good team that after a super start of season is now on a run of 3 consecutive draws, twice for 0-0 and another one for 1-1. In away they are solid especially in defense and for me today they have a good chance for take something.
Crotone instead is in really trouble, they are last in table with 4 losses in last 6 games and especially they aren’t so good like past year especially in offense.
So for me it’s possible a close match, something like 0-0 or 0-1. So Under 2,5.
Interesting game here in Serie B.
Avellino is a good team that, like last year, will fight for reach a place in playoff zone for all the season. They are really solid when they play at home and also they are really solid in defense, one of the best team for that.
Catania, instead, after a really bad start of season where their mister was in danger, in last games is back on the track and arrive here after 2-3 great results, especially the last big win at home in last turn.
For me Avellino could be a little in advantage here but i expect a close game. So Under 2,5.
Interesting game here in Serie B.
Carpi is one of the best team in this season. They have a solid formation with interesting players especially in defense and faster strikers very good in counterattacks. At home they are really solid with few goals allowed.
Vicenza instead is a new promoted team that not is so bad but imho they will fight for all the season for avoid the relegation. In last match they loss at home against not so strong Modena for 0-2 and for me today is really a tough match for this team.
So i think that Carpi could win this one.

Serie A + Serie B

Interesting game here in Serie A.

Sassuolo after a bad start of season is back on the track in last games and in fact after the great home draw against strong Juventus, they won a tough match in away against Parma for 1-3. At home they have a total record of 0-3-1 and for today probably Zaza will be still no available.

Empoli is a good team that have impressed in this start of season especially for the gameplan and also because a lot of people said that they will be relegated for sure (seeying their roster) but they played well and are good also in away where they are 0-3-1 (only a loss in first away match against Udinese).

In last three meetings (2 this summer as friendly) the matche ended in draw twice and the other Empoli won 1-2 with the second goal of Empoli in last minutes, so for me a draw here is possible.


Interesting game here in Serie B.

Bari is a good team that is in great run in last perido, before the loss in last away match for 2-1 against Varese. In fact before Varese’s game they won two matches in a row. At home they are solid and Stadio San Nicola is a great advantage for them. In fact at home they are 2-1-1 with 7 points in 4 games and with 7 goals scored in last 3 games.

Pescare, instead, is in big trouble. They are in relegation zone and arrive here after two consecutive losses and especially the last one, at home, against Carpi for 0-5. After this match the supporters was really hungry and started a big protest against players and president. So the ambiental situation is really bad and for today Pescara will not have 2 players.

Last year Bari won at home and in away when they meet Pescara, both time for 1-0, so i think that the story could repeat.


Interesting game here in Serie B.

Spezia this year is really a good team, they are in playoff zone with 16 points and arrive here after 3 wins in last 4 games and also with 2 wins in a row against Catania (3-0 at home) and Livorno (0-1 in away). At home they are second best team in league with 4 wins and just a loss against Carpi (1-2).

Latina, instead, is in really trouble this year. They sold some interesting players after the great championship of last year and now they are in trouble. Last by one in standings with only 8 points and with just 2 points in last 5 games. In away the situation is bad too with just 3 points (3 goals scored) and with 2 losses in a row.

So for me Spezia has a good chance tonight for take 3 points.


Interesting game here in Serie B.
Vicenza is a new promoted team that isn’t started so well but however they have 10 points (so out for a point by relegation zone) but who will fight, imho, for all the season to avoid the relegation. In last 5 games they are 1-2-2 with 2 loses and 1 won in last 3 games. At home they are solid with a total record of 2-2-1 and with Pescara, Bologna and Bari who not take the win in last three games on this field.
Modena too, after last year, not is the same team and especially becaise they lost the striker Babacar. Now they are in middle position with 12 points and arrive here with a record of 1-3-1 in last 5 games. In away they aren’t so good with a record 0-2-2 but they are a team that play a lot in defense in fact they score, in away, just 1 goal and conceded 5.
For me this one will be a tight game and it’s possible a draw with lower score.

Ternana – Trapani + Modena – Bologna

Interesting game here in Serie B.

Ternana is a team who have as ambition the safety zone because imho they are worst than last season and especially in offense they are not so strong like the last year. Another problem for them are the home games where they obtained just 2 points (2 draws) and with just 3 goals scored.

Trapani instead is actually 8th and in last position valid for playoff zone and imho they will mantain this position for all the season or will fight for take a place into playoff. Trapani is the classic home team and in fact the away record isn’t so good with 2 points onley and 2 losses in a row.

Last meetings in Ternana’s field ended 2-0 and 0-2 so for me here it’s possible another lower score game, so Under 2,5.


Interesting game here in Serie B.

Modena is a middle range team that not is so strong like last year (especially because they lost their topscorer Babacar) and also because in away they are really bad. At home they are good and in fact they are undefeated with 2 wins and 3 draws and they are, at home, a team that score few and conceed few.

Bologna, instead, after a really bad start of season is coming to a good run with 4 wins in last 5 games and this is imho their dimension because they have a great roster. In away they are best team in league right now with a record of 3-1-1 and with 10 points obtained in last 4 games.

I’m expecting a lower score game, tight game and so for me the away DC could be good.

Anticipi Serie A + Giornata 9 Serie B


Roma (4-3-3): De Sanctis; Maicon, Yanga Mbiwa, Astori, Cole; Paredes, Nainggolan, Pjanic; Florenzi, Destro, Ljajic.
A disp.: Skorupski, Lobont, Somma, Torosidis, Holebas, Verde, De Rossi, Emanuelson, Gervinho, Uçan, Totti, Sanabria. All. : Garcia
Squalificati: Manolas
Indisponibili: Strootman, Balzaretti, Borriello, Castan, Keita, Iturbe

Chievo (3-5-2): Bardi; Cesar, Zukanovic, Dainelli; Biraghi, Cofie, Radovanovic, Hetemaj, Frey; Paloschi, Maxi Lopez.
A dips.: Bizzarri, Seculin, Gamberini, Sardo, Edimar, Mangani, Birsa, Bellomo, Schelotto, Lazarevic, Pellissier, Meggiorini. All.: Corini


Sassuolo (3-4-3): Consigli; Antei, Cannavaro, Acerbi; Vrsaljko, Magnanelli, Brighi, Longhi; Berardi, Zaza, Sansone
A disp.: Pomini, PolitoGazzola, Terranova, Bianco, Missiroli, Taider, Biondini, Chibsah, Floccari, Pavoletti, Gliozzi. All.: Di Francesco
Squalificati: Peluso
Indisponibili: Pegolo, Manfredini, Ariaudo, Floro Flores

Juventus (3-5-2): Buffon; Ogbonna , Bonucci, Chiellini; Lichtsteiner, Pogba, Pirlo, Pereyra, Evra; Tevez, Llorente
A disp.: Storari, Rubinho, Padoin, Mattiello, Marchisio, Asamoah, Coman, Giovinco. All.: Allegri
Squalificati: Morata
Indisponibili: Barzagli, Romulo, Caceres, Marrone, Pepe


Bologna (4-3-1-2): Coppola; Ceccarelli, Oikonomou, Ferrari, Abero; Zuculini, Bessa, Buchel; Laribi; Cacia, Acquafresca. Allenatore: Lopez
Varese (4-4-2): Bastianoni; Fiamozzi, Borghese, Rea, De Vito; Blasi, Corti, Capezzi, Falcone; Lupoli, Neto Pereira. Allenatore: Bettinelli


Brescia (4-4-2): Arcari; Budel, Zambelli, Coly, H’Maidat; Valotti, Bentivoglio, Scaglia, Gargiulo; Caracciolo, Corvia. Allenatore: Iaconi
Pro Vercelli (4-4-2): Russo; Ferri, Bani, Coly, Scaglia; Castiglia, Ronaldo, Scavone, Belloni; Marchi, Fabiano. Allenatore: Scazzola


Carpi (4-3-3): Gabriel; Suagher, Romagnoli, Gagliolo, Poli; Pasciuti, Procari, Lollo; Letizia, Mbak0gu, Di Gaudio. Allenatore: Castori
Latina (4-4-2): Iacobucci; Brosco, Cottafava, Esposito, Ristovski; Crimi, Viviani, Bruno, Milani; Paolucci, Jonathas. Allenatore: Breda


Frosinone (4-4-2): Zappino; Zanon, Russo, Blanchard, Crivello; Paganini, Gori, Gucher, Masucci; Ciofani, Dionisi. Allenatore: Stellone
Modena (4-4-2): Pinsoglio; Calapai, Tonucci, Manfrin, Rubin; Nardini, Schiavone, Osuji, Nizzetto; Ferrari, Granoche. Allenatore: Novellino


Lanciano (4-3-3): Nicolas; Conti, Aquilanti, Troest, Mammarella; Di Cecco, Paghera, Vastola; Piccolo, Thiam, Gatto. Allenatore: D’Aversa
Perugia (4-3-3): Koprivec; Flores, Provedel, Falcinelli, Crescenzi; Del Prete, Fazzi, Comotto; Rabusic, De Freitas, Perea. Allenatore: Camplone


Spezia (4-4-2): Chichinzola; Valentini, Ceccarelli, Piccolo, De Col; Migliore, Juande, Bakic, Gagliardini; Catellani, Situm. Allenatore: Bjelica
Catania (4-3-3): Anania, Spolli, Sauro, Parisi, Monzon; Chrapek, Calello, Martinho; Rosina, Calaiò, Castro. Allenatore: Sannino


Ternana (4-3-1-2): Brignoli; Fazio, Bastrini, Meccariello, Vitale; Gavazzi, Viola, Crecco; Eramo; Ceravolo, Avenatti. Allenatore: Tesser.
Livorno (4-3-3): Mazzoni; Moscati, Bernardini, Emerson, Gemiti; Djokovic, Mosquera, Biagianti; Siligardi, Vantaggiato, Cutolo. Allenatore: Gautieri.


Trapani (4-3-3): Marcone; Martinelli, Pagliarulo, Terlizzi, Zampa; Ciaramitaro, Barillà, Rizzato; Mancosu, Lombardi, Iunco. Allenatore: Boscaglia
Crotone (4-3-3): Bajza; Zampano, Claiton, Cremonesi, Modesto; Dezi, Maiello, Suciu; Padovan, Ciano, Oduamadi. Allenatore: Drago