Snooker Champion of Champions

Altri due incontri importanti e spettacolari in programma per le 14 di oggi pomeriggio:

1) Robertson – Gould:

Interesting game here in Champion of Champions.
Robertson is one of the best players in the World and he’s very focused and a super played in offensive side. He’s in good shape with 6-2 in last 8 games with won against Davies, Un-nooh, Patrick, Fu, O’Sullivan and Muflin and losses against Ebdon (6-5) and Allen (4-2) so two strong opponents.
Gould instead is a player that i like so much because he’s brave and not have scare to miss the shot but this is also a limit for him. In this year he not has played so good and also in last period he’s in bad run with 2-5. He won just against Patrick and Selt. Than he lost against Holt, Davies, Bingham, Dott and Pengfei. Last three losses are in a row.
So for me the difference of quality and the shape is clear and in favour of Neil Robertson (@1,35 or Gould +2 @1,90) and i want take him to win.
2) Allen – Carter:
Really interesting game here in Champion of Champions.
Allen is one of the best players in the world and he’s 10-1 in last 11 games and he won 10 matches in a row and loss the last one against Perry for 4-1. In his streak he defeated a lot of strong players like Murphy, Trump, Dott, Robertson, Wilson (hot in that period) and Delu. He\’s motivated for make a good job here and won another title.
Carter too is a strong opponent and he’s 5-2 in last 7 games after a bad period where he loss 5 matches on 6 played. In last period he won against Brecel, Slessor, Harold, White and Delu and lost against Baird and Ding Junhui (4-2).
So i think that Mark Allen (@1,55) is the favourite and i want pick him to win.

Snooker Champion of Champions

Il Torneo dei Campioni si apre con il day 2 che presenta match super interessanti. La formula, come si è visto ieri, è semplice:

– 2 partite in programma, al meglio di 7 frames

– il vincente della prima affronterà il vincente della seconda (nella stessa giornata)

– il successivo vincente sarà qualificato

Quindi il programma di oggi si aprirà alle 14:00 con:

Trump – Fu 2h (+1,5) @1,80

Walden – Bingham 2 @1,80

Eccoci, quindi, alla presentazione del match serale. Una piccola preview in inglese:

Interesting game here in Champion of Champions.
Both players have passed at 14:00 their turn and tonight will play for go to the next phase.
Trump is a strong player and at 14:00 has defeated another strong opponent like Marco Fu for 4-1 with a very good snooker, game series and he appear focused on the game. He’s one of the best players in the world and imho if he will be focused he can close this match without problems.
Bingham is too a good player and at 14:00 has defeated a good player (not so strong) like Ricky Walden for 4-0 and obviously he has played well but Walden not was in the match and committed some stupid mistakes.
So for me this match will be beautiful but i want go with Judd Trump @1,50.

Asian Player Tour Championship 3

Sistema a correzione di errore per questo torneo con tanti giocatori asiatici e qualche europeo non di primissimo livello:

F) Bingtao – McGill 2 @1,35

McLeod – Guodong 2 @1,57

F) Woollaston – Ning 1 @1,50

F) Muir – Yupeng 2 @1,50

Anda – Haotian 1 @1,83

Una @4,80, l’altra @5,55

Snooker Indian Open

Altri matches interessanti in questa giornata odierna:

Bingham – Advani over 5,5 @1,57

Dunn – Williams 2 @2,30

Junhui – Higgins 2 @1,90

McGill – Perry 1 @2,35

Davis – Maguire 1 @2,30

Mehta – Williams 2 @1,38

Robertson – Wenbo 1 @1,35

White – Wilson over 5,5 @1,50

Snooker: Indian Open

Altre idee per questa giornata odierna di Indian Open:

Anda – White 2 @1,63

Higginson – Williams 2 @2,40

McGill – O’Brien 1 @1,91

Davis – Holt 1 @1,60

Ford – Maguire 2 @1,50

Miah – Mehta 2 @1,33

Perry – Walden 2 @1,75

Robertson – Lawler 1 @1,22

Advani – Allen 2 @1,40

Bingham – Thirapongpaiboon 1 @1,33

Snooker Indian Open

Proseguiamo, come ieri, a proporre giocate per questa interessante manifestazione:

Hawkins – McGill 1

Davison – Maguire 2

Bond – Allen 2

Tripla @2,40

Higginson – Burnett 2

Singola @2,30

Campbell – Advani 2

Singola @1,85